Nicholas Foster – Director

As a dedicated and passionate business man, Nicholas has spent the last decade giving life to the idea of a new modern construction company. Nicholas wanted to create a company that still held the traditional values of a tradesmen and the quality of experienced builders but worked in a professional, trustworthy and dynamic business format.

The Industry has been tainted over the years but Nicholas’s vision was to bring together the ideas of community, creativeness, clarity and most importantly good design. This has been a firm platform for Foster and Co to become a trusted household name in the North London and Hertfordshire building community and its clients.

Nicholas chose to emphasise the theme of family throughout the company as this was a vital part of his life. As a father of three, Nicholas understands how busy life can be and how important it is that your house works for your needs. Including his wife in his experienced management team, Foster and Co can offer a unique family company that you can relate to.

Ben Martin Foster and Co Bifolds

Ben Martin

Ben Martin is a crucial member of the Foster and Co Team. His project management responsibilities are essential to the running of our builds and renovations and his ability to execute his tasks with a logical and composed mentality is a true asset to our company. Ben’s real talents are in his organisation and logistic skills which allow our projects to run smoothly and on schedule.

Ben begun his career in landscape gardening and quickly established a talent for visualising the end result of a job. He progressed into Plumbing and heating where as well as conducting installations, he quickly realised his talent for designing bathrooms both luxurious and also problem solving in awkward and challenging spaces. Ben’s creative nature and wealth of knowledge on sanity ware as well as various other supply items ensure our clients have a trustworthy and reliable manager to assist in perfecting the finishes in their homes.

David Dass Foster and Co Bifolds

David Dass

David is our Senior Foreman and a credit to our team. David’s well-structured method of working ensures that even during our busiest periods, our work flows smoothly. David’s understanding of Construction is invaluable to the Foster and Co Group and his direct nature makes sure the job is done efficiently. David’s previous experience ranges across a variety of different projects from domestic to commercial and his ability to problem solve and work with clients, suppliers and the team ensures successful working relationships on all our jobs which is an enormous benefit for our company. David is driven and ambitious and his likeable nature guarantees satisfied clients and a content team.

Alex Foster and Co Bifold Doors

Alex Usurelu

Alex is a Foster and Co Group Foreman and also our Senior Carpenter. His skill and attention to detail is both meticulous and professional which enables the Foster and Co Group to produce a high quality of work. Alex has a dedicated work ethic and his continued devotion to completing work to the highest standard is a testament to both his experience and knowledge. Alex always has a smile for our Clients and is a testament to our team.

Elliot Foster and Co Bifolds

Elliot Roblet

Elliot is an expeditious foreman who works with his team to make sure all our Groundwork and Brick Laying continues to hold an impeccable standard. He is extremely proficient and works quickly to always keep up momentum on his project. His skill in his specialised trade is of top quality and his knowledge and expertise is always a great advantage on all our work sites. Elliot is a firm favourite amongst our team and continues to help propel the Foster and Co Group projects to a higher level.

Gerry Foster and Co Bifolds

Gerry King

As an experienced Foreman and qualified carpenter, Gerry has used his skills to specialise in domestic dwellings, working on extensions, conversions and other challenging builds. Gerry’s diverse abilities mean he is involved in every aspect of the build, from the ground works to the finishing details. Gerry is an important member of our team, his friendly and happy nature makes his presence on site a pleasure for those who work with him and his dedication means he is always willing to do whatever it takes to complete a successful project.

Xhevanhir Ahmeti

Xhevanhir is a fantastic worker and a true asset to the Foster and Co Group. Xhevanhir is a Senior Plaster and is able to not only work in fast paced method but his finishes are also impeccable every time. Xhevanhir is always willing to go above and beyond for what is needed to complete a project and his character is always friendly and approachable. It is because of his high standards and welcoming nature that he is both well-liked and respected amongst our team. The Foster and Co Group are always thankful to Xhevanhir’s dedication and willingness to assist in whatever way he can and when combined with his drive for perfection, he is an esteemed member of our Group.

Stuart Wilson Foster and Co Bifolds

Stuart Wilson

Stuart is Senior Plaster who has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Foster and Co Group. Stuart’s work is of the best standard and we are always proud to have him on our sites, both producing and encouraging beautiful work. Stuart has spent many years honing his talent and his understanding of his trade is second to none. Stuart is courteous at all times and always polite and cheerful, a reliable and valued member of the Foster and Co Group.