A key trend identified for 2016 is natural light and how best to illuminate your home with inspired glazing designs. The Foster and Co Group know that this is a very important factor when designing a construction project and the end result should be a living space is an absolute delight to be inside, an escape from the realities of the fast moving world outside.

It is said that natural light is not only vital to create a calming sense but also it has considerable health benefits. Well-lit environments that stream natural light throughout are thought to increase productivity, comfort and general wellbeing.

It seems that as our cities and towns grow around us, both towering in to the sky and expanding throughout the country side, people feel claustrophobic and trapped. This is likely the reason that open plan living has taken the world by storm in particular in the UK. With open plan living comes space. The space is accentuated by light from large glazed walls, cleverly placed windows and doors.

It is no doubt a benefit when your living space is able to open up and combine with outside space. Having the ability to connect with the outside is a real advantage and can have a positive effect on your living environment. Whether you choose to entertain, spend time with the family or enjoy a solitary moment, all can be emphasized by having glazing that literally brings the outside in.

In the past, a window was just a window but now, you can be creative and clever with your designs and not only introduce light but make features that have the wow factor throughout your home. The types of colours, shapes and styles across this industry is now vast. To start your imagination running wild, why not take some time to research what is available including the link below which shows examples of fresh and contemporary ideas.

If you are looking to revamp your home, windows and doors could be the answer. The Foster and Co Group have specialists available to work with you to design your ideal layout, purchase the perfect product and install to a high quality standard.

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Windows and Bi-folding Doors North London and Hertfordshire

Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds know how important it is to have good products installed in your property. Whether this is a commercial building or a home, having safe, secure and stunning products is a must!

Many property owners assume that having new Windows and Bifolds is just a face lift for you property, thinking that it is just a method of improving the aesthetics of a building and making it look modern and attractive. Although of course, this may be true for many, Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds know that having great products is more about making sure that your home is not just up to the require standards on energy but also that you as the owner can ensure that the building is protected. This may mean that it is as break-in proof as possible as well as being as energy efficient as the top of the range products will allow.

A wonderful article shows how life changing new Windows and Bifolds can be. A Hospital Hall at Kettering General Hospital was in serious need of refurbishment. This included the windows which not only look old but also were not secure and beneficial to the building. After being asked to provide a quote, a local glazing company offered to complete the works free of charge. This is a fantastic opportunity for the hospital and means that a whole community has gained from the newly refurbished Hall.

The Foster and Co Group are also involved in our community, sponsoring various children’s clubs and assisting schools with maintenance and small construction projects as needed. We feel that working with your community is very important for local companies as it shows your support and that we are a credible and caring company that is not like any Builders.

If you are interested in the Foster and Co Group and how we can assist in your own construction projects, then give us a call and our friendly office team will be happy to assist you.



Do Your Windows And Doors Meet The New Security Regulations?


On the 1st October 2015, regulations changed on the security of your windows and doors. Many people should not worry about this as it is more for the Manufacturers and Suppliers that these regulations apply too. However, The Foster and Co Group believe that Homeowners should be aware of any information that relates to the security of their homes and properties.

It has long been known that the UK Building Regulations sometimes are confusing and for many, frustrating. When the Coalition came in to power in 2010, one of their missions was to simplify regulations and remove as much red tape as possible. One issue that the Coalition wanted to tackle was to establish a single minimum security standard for new homes. This has now come in to play within the construction industry and relates to any door which provides entry into the main property.

The new regulations only apply to new products being installed from 1st October 2015 and they do not suddenly render your existing doors and windows unsecure nor does it imply that you must change all your current windows and doors to new products. However, with this in mind, it may be worth considering why these new regulations have come in to place and whether you would like to make sure you home is the most secure it possible can be.

If this is the case, Foster and Co windows and doors can assist you in upgrading you home. As winter closes in, we are entering what known is commonly as ‘burglar season’. The longer nights provide additional cover and the financial stress of Christmas always seems to heighten desperation amongst the light fingered.

The Foster and Co Team are a local company and care for our community. Many of our work force live in North London and Hertfordshire and we care for their safety as much as yours! If you are concerned with the current protection that your property’s windows and doors provide, then please contact our friendly office for more information about improving the standard of your home.

How Should You Upgrade Your Windows And Doors In Your North London And Hertfordshire Home?


Know The Style Of Your Home When Upgrading Your Windows And Doors!

When choosing your Windows and Doors for your North London and Hertfordshire Home you must take in to consideration the style of your existing building. As this modern age in building pitches traditional against contemporary, some beautiful period structures are disregarded in the endless drive for ultra-modern and super sleek.

Foster and Co Windows and Doors prefer to work with existing architecture in order to emphasis and compliment original features whilst sensitively introducing current designs.

An article that was published in Camb Times on 19th September discuss a story which involves a mid-19th century Grade II Listed Building and how the current owning had to apply for planning permission to upgrade his Windows and Doors. The Property itself, was not in fact a Grade Listed Building and was instead build in the 1980’s however, as it was built of the rear of a Grade listed building, planning permission was required. Luckily for this client, all planning was approved as it bared no effect to the integrity of the building behind and the windows chosen were aesthetically stunning and sympathetic to the property surroundings.

At Foster and Co Windows and Doors, we love stories like this! The resulting finish was beautiful and combines key factors such as preservation as well as progress when concerning property development.

Foster and Co Windows and Doors are a specialist company which is dedicated to designing, supplying and installing top quality products. The Foster and Co Group have years in the construction industry and can therefor complete any structural work also. This would include making new openings, readjusting current openings and all the making good after the new products have been fitted.

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The Advantages of Velux Windows for your North London and Hertfordshire home!



Why Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds supports Velus Windows.


Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds have been advocate supporters of Velux Windows with all of our Loft Conversions and Renovations across North London and Hertfordshire. Velux Windows are the obvious market leader in roof windows and although Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds like to support the underdog, when a supplier is top of its trade because of fantastic products… who could argue with that!

The Velux Company is a good quality, efficient supplier that the Foster and Co Group and all its individual Companies such as Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds have relied on for many years. Below is a little more about the company taken from their own website www.velux.co.uk.

VELUX Company Ltd is a sales and marketing organisation covering the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We are part of the international VELUX Group with sales and manufacturing operations in more than 35 countries and 10.000 employees worldwide. Our local company was originally incorporated in the UK in 1954 and has Fife Joinery manufacturing as a sister company. For more than 70 years, the VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world. Using daylight and fresh air. A passion for daylight, fresh air and better living environments. That’s what started our company more than 70 years ago. And it’s still what drives us forward.   

Not only are Velux products a great investment for your home, they also have great customer service, something which our clients will know is vital to the Foster and Co Group.

Velux are currently offering a great deal of 90 days of rewards for its clients which ends 30th November 2015. This includes a range of High street Shop and Restaurant vouchers which can be obtained with selected Velux products.

For more information on this deal visit the link below and if you would like to discuss converting your Loft and using Velux Windows or just giving your existing property an upgrade with new openings and replacement of old windows, Contact Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds now.

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Windows and Bi-folding Doors for your North London and Hertfordshire home

Upgrade Your Windows And Introduce New Bi-folding doors in your North London Home

Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds are a professional company with modern and stylish solutions to your Home renovation problems! If you are looking for new Windows and Bi-folding Doors for your North London and Hertfordshire home, then speak to one of our representatives today and we can assist you to make the most of your property.

Whilst researching our industry and updating our knowledge as we constantly do, I came across a great website that is both informative and trustworthy.

The energy.gov website has lots of useful facts and articles which could all help you choose the best Windows and Bi-folding Doors for your North London and Hertfordshire home.

Energy efficient products including bifolds doors, skylights, veluxs, and all your windows are also known as fenestration. By choosing the best items that offer the most energy efficient ratings, you could change your home in to a money saving hub! Everything from your heating costs to the beautiful aesthetic of your home could be greatly improved by choosing the correct Windows and Bi-folding Doors for your North London and Hertfordshire home.

Our representatives can meet you at your property and not only survey the project but also advise you on what would work well with the style of your existing home and how to really bring out the best in your property. If you would like for advice on how to upgrade your Windows and Bi-folding Doors for your North London and Hertfordshire home then please contact our office for an appointment and click on the energy.gov website for lots of useful information.



























windows and bifolds

Keep your home warm and make a statement with stunning bifolds

For top quality bifolds that look amazing and keep your home safe and warm…. contact Foster and Co Now!

Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds specialise is supplying and installing stunning bifolds to all types of properties. The Foster and Co Group is an established company who excel in all types of home construction. Our skilled teams will make sure every detail is perfect and we are sure you will be amazed with the end result as with all our previous customers!

Our fabulous products come in a large range of colours and styles which mean you can still personalise your home through the doors you choose. Our expert representatives will not only survey your property, but also advise and direct you in styles that will compliment your home and make sure that the bifolds you choose are the best possible option.

As we all know, it is not just about style, you need to feel safe and most importantly in these cold months that we have ahead, you need to keep your family warm. Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds are top quality and follow all the strict guidelines to make sure the heat stays in! Our Windows and Bifolds surpass all product standards and we can guarantee that you will always feel snug, even if the temperature is dropping outside!

If you think that your home is in need of an update and you are interested in installing modern and beautiful Windows and Bifolds then don’t hesitate in calling our team now.

To discuss our ranges and how we can best assist you, please contact the Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds team now. Our office will be more than happy to assist you in in your questions and book a site visit to go over all the details!


The Perfect Build in North London


A beautiful card from a beautiful build!

Foster and Co are feeling honoured today after a thank you card from a lovely client in Cockfosters, this really was the most perfect build in North London.

Not only did this project have great design ideas and a lovely finish but the clients were truly a pleasure to work with and we are so grateful that we can form relationships like this during our Builds.

We believe this card is a sign of how we work and strengthens our claims that we are different from you standard stereo typical builder. At Foster and Co we believe that ideal build is a combination of a client who we can work together with in order to create something that is perfect for their family and also has that signature Foster and Co finish…. high quality, professional and beautiful!  The Foster and Co team worked so hard to build our clients dream home and listened carefully to their needs, the result? This has changed the lives of our clients and we feel incredibly proud that our work can have such an amazing effect on peoples lives!

If you are looking for your perfect Build in North London and you want a company that will listen and prioritise your needs, then call the Foster and Co office now, we would love to start you on your journey!

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windows and bifolds hertfordshire

Windows and Bifolds Hertfordshire can introduce style, light and a modern look to your home

Give your home a house list! Windows and Doors for your North London property

Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds Hertfordshire are a specialist division of the Foster and Co Group! By having a individual team that is dedicated to this aspect of you property, we can offer a fully competent, professional and skilled service that is focused entirely on providing the best products available to our clients.

Windows and Bifolds Hertfordshire prides itself on offering great styles and different brands that give you choice in our selection.Please have a look through the information below which explains a little more about Foster and co Windows and Bifolds Hertfordshire.


Foster and Co Windows and Doors has a large range of Folding Doors, Sliding doors, French doors, and Windows. Our representatives would be happy to arrange visits to our supplier showrooms so you can really see the products in action and make the right choice for you and your property.


Foster and Co offer a complete consultation service which allows our clients to discuss what they would like for the property with the addition of our skilled team’s advice and recommendations. With such a vast range of door panel configurations and window styles, we can select the pattern that works best for you and your home, making sure that you can not only enjoy the benefits of fantastic new doors and windows but they actually enhance your home experience.

Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds offer a range of profiles and finishes in order to personalise your products and make sure they complement the existing building. The different frame sizes and RAL colours on offer mean that you can truly make the products perfect for the style of your property and use the windows and doors as features rather than just a necessity.


We would love you to look through our gallery and contact us now for advise and appointments!


Church Close Home Extension Build

We recently worked a home extension project in Church Close Barnet North London. The client wanted to have more kitchen space and light through in to the kitchen area. Below are some images of the new kitchen, velux window installation along with the extension itself.


mar_symmons_5 mar_symmons_4 mar_symmons_3 mar_symmons_2 mar_symmons_1