A key trend identified for 2016 is natural light and how best to illuminate your home with inspired glazing designs. The Foster and Co Group know that this is a very important factor when designing a construction project and the end result should be a living space is an absolute delight to be inside, an escape from the realities of the fast moving world outside.

It is said that natural light is not only vital to create a calming sense but also it has considerable health benefits. Well-lit environments that stream natural light throughout are thought to increase productivity, comfort and general wellbeing.

It seems that as our cities and towns grow around us, both towering in to the sky and expanding throughout the country side, people feel claustrophobic and trapped. This is likely the reason that open plan living has taken the world by storm in particular in the UK. With open plan living comes space. The space is accentuated by light from large glazed walls, cleverly placed windows and doors.

It is no doubt a benefit when your living space is able to open up and combine with outside space. Having the ability to connect with the outside is a real advantage and can have a positive effect on your living environment. Whether you choose to entertain, spend time with the family or enjoy a solitary moment, all can be emphasized by having glazing that literally brings the outside in.

In the past, a window was just a window but now, you can be creative and clever with your designs and not only introduce light but make features that have the wow factor throughout your home. The types of colours, shapes and styles across this industry is now vast. To start your imagination running wild, why not take some time to research what is available including the link below which shows examples of fresh and contemporary ideas.

If you are looking to revamp your home, windows and doors could be the answer. The Foster and Co Group have specialists available to work with you to design your ideal layout, purchase the perfect product and install to a high quality standard.

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